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CTIA Roundup – Samsung, LG and Polkast Steal the Show

kenneth_daniels4-200My main areas of interest were device management and M2M/Internet of things. There were a number of significant announcements on both topics. The most notable in the former category were Samsung and LG’s announcements in the areas of enterprise mobility.

Samsung announced two initiatives: Samsung Approved For Enterprise (SAFE) and Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP).  LG announced a significant extension of its Enterprise Mobility programme. Both organisations unveiled an impressive arrange of partners.

Kenneth Daniels, Senior Director Strategic alliances at Samsung (left) presented an overview of the SAFE and SEAP programmes at a press conference. He stressed how committed Samsung was to working with partners to grow its market share in the enterprise sector.

hong_bui_arrow_300Usually, I make a point of attending the major off-show media events Mobile Focus and Showstoppers. This is because they have a very effective formula of gathering an exciting range of companies (including many new startups) under one roof for a few hours in a relaxed, evening reception format.

polkast_iphone_home_screenUsually, I find one or more very interesting companies or people at each of these events. A few years ago the company that stood out as having the most compelling offering was Swype. This year it is Polkast, and it seems that I was not the only one who thought so. After making several attempts to speak with them at what seemed to me to be the busiest stand at the Mobile Focus event, I caught up finally with the founder and CEO, Hong Bui when he was packing up after the Show ended. Although he was hungry and tired, he was still keen to show me what all the excitement was about. “We connect the dots in your digital life,” he said. “Instead of repeatedly synching and waiting, we give you direct, secure access to your files from your mobile devices.” polkast_ipad_home_screenHe went on to demonstrate how pictures, audio and video based on a laptop can be viewed and played from an iPhone and iPad over Wi Fi. What was particularly impressive was the speed and flexibility of the system.

At the start of CTIA Polkast announced support for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS (beta), in addition to the already-supported Windows 7 version.

What’s so good about Polkast? Its product addresses an important gap in the market. Many people are unconvinced of the merits of storing their private data in a public cloud, and in essence, Polkast enables individuals and organisations to set up their own private clouds effortlessly.

In the area of M2M, there were a number of major announcements including Cadillac’s announcement of Cadillac User Experience (CUE) and Motorola and Verizon teaming up to deliver connected home services.

john_horn_200david_bissonette_200In the M2M pavilion, I caught up with many of the key players who also had important news to share.

John Horn, President of Raco Wireless (left) discussed the company's new deals with Everything Everywhere, the UK's largest communications company and Aeris.

David Bissonette, CEO, 7Layers (right) provided an update on 7Layers’ activities in various sectors including mobile health smart grid and mobile payments.

darren_koenig_head_shot-200numerex_satellite_flexDaren Koenig, VP Product Development and Management at Numerex (left) demonstrated the company’s new Satellite Flex device (right). The device is capable of delivering years of uninterrupted service on a single and easily field-replaceable battery.

intel_reference_designIntel demonstrated its M2M Reference Design for Smart Services Development in a range of home automation applications, driven by ILS’s technology in the cloud. The reference design (right) is based on Intel’s Atom processor and has the footprint of a credit card. A z-wave controller was used to control various appliances in model house.

Of course there was the usual list of impressive keynotes. As it turns out, I was so busy with meetings that I managed to miss all of them. Nevertheless, I found the show to be very useful and highly enlightening.