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Samsung Electronics Launches IoT Data Monetisation Solution

31 July 2017 – Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud Monetisation for the Internet of Things (IoT), a new service to monetise the data shared by IoT devices.

The service enables device manufacturers and service providers to tap into an open ecosystem and create service plans that generate revenue directly from the interactions of devices and services. Device manufacturers can take advantage of Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud’s extensive interoperability features to generate new revenue streams and implement new business models, such as hardware as a service.

IoT enables device manufacturers to shift their operating model from selling hardware to selling hardware products connected to digital applications. Today, many device manufacturers have trouble recouping data costs associated with free applications and supporting an ecosystem of third-party devices, apps and services. These manufacturers either absorb the data costs of devices in the field, or include anticipated data costs in the retail price of devices.

Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud Monetisation addresses this problem by providing a complete brokering, metering and payments system. It gives device manufacturers an easy way to make their devices interoperable with third party devices and applications, and monetise data usage.

With the Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud developer portal, device manufacturers have the flexibility to define service plans that meet their business needs. Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud brokers and meters user interactions against defined plans, and manages upgrades, payments and revenue shares back to device OEMs.

"Samsung is committed to growing the IoT data economy," said James Stansberry, Senior Vice President of IoT Business Team at Samsung Electronics (above). “Samsung ARTIK™ Cloud Monetisation uniquely positions us to help device manufacturers find new ways to make money from IoT and enable more applications for their customers. This is part of our long-term strategy to facilitate the development of secure IoT products and services, promote wide-scale interoperability, and create a platform and business model for an entire IoT ecosystem to thrive. Like the mobile phone industry, IoT will be driven by open systems, interoperability and support from innovative applications.”

“Samsung ARTIK™ is leading the way in helping device manufacturers easlily make their devices interoperable with third party devices and applications, as well as be able to monetise data use, and we are excited to be part of the journey,” said Pete Horton, Vice President of Market Development at Legrand, a global specialist in digital building infrastructure (left). “The new data broker model helps Legrand focus on our core competency of building market leading devices, while also allowing us to benefit from Samsung's open ecosystem of third party apps and services. It’s the missing piece to the IoT puzzle.”

“We're excited to partner with Samsung ARTIK™ on the new monetisation model,” said Stefan Grosjean, founder and CEO of Smappee, provider of smart energy solutions (right). “Increasing the reach of devices while also providing a path to monetisation is key to the successful evolution of IoT.”

For more information about the Samsung ARTIK™ platform and development tools, please visit and


Source: Samsung Electronics

Samsung Launches ARTIK IOT Platform

12 May 2015: In a keynote address at Internet of Things World, the President and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung Electronics., Young Sohn called on the technology industry to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to address major challenges the world faces today. He also emphasized the importance of open platforms and industry collaboration to accelerate development of new IoT applications and services.

“We need to create powerful open platforms that will harness the information generated by IoT to develop new insights and new approaches to meet the challenges we face as a society.”

“As an industry we must join together to use the power of IoT to address challenges posed by issues such as aging population demographics, water shortages, increasing traffic congestion, pollution and major health issues,” said Sohn. “We need to create powerful open platforms that will harness the information generated by IoT to develop new insights and new approaches to meet the challenges we face as a society.”

To enable faster deployment of IoT applications and services, Sohn announced the Samsung ARTIK™ platform. ARTIK is a production-ready, open platform that includes the hardware, software, development boards, drivers, tools, advanced security features and connectivity for rapidly building cloud-connected IoT devices. The ARTIK platform comes in a variety of configurations to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of IoT market segments from wearables and home automation, to smart lighting and industrial applications. More information on the ARTIK platform can be found by visiting

SmartThings Founder and CEO Alex Hawkinson joined with Young Sohn during his keynote to introduce SmartThings Open Cloud. Open Cloud is powered by SAMI, a data driven development platform that Samsung announced last May that includes simple, open APIs and SDKs. The open platform is a cloud-based software layer that allows the sharing of diverse data sets from an unlimited number of sources. This vast amount of data, which previously would have been impossible to bring together, can then be broken up into smaller chunks for visualization and analysis.

SmartThings Open Cloud allows any device connected to the Internet to communicate with any other connected device, generating new information, new correlations and entirely new insights. It enables device makers to focus on building IoT devices and applications without having to build and maintain the cloud infrastructure required to connect those devices.

To demonstrate the potential for IoT to meet major societal challenges, Sohn also announced the Samsung ARTIK Challenge – offering a top prize of $100,000 for the most effective use of IoT and ARTIK technology for reducing water consumption by individuals or municipalities.

More information on the Samsung ARTIK Challenge can be found at

Throughout his keynote address, Sohn underscored the importance of open platforms, security and an ecosystem of partners that are all necessary to accelerate the growth of IoT and achieve its full benefits. He was joined on stage by representatives of several startup companies Samsung is working with to develop technologies based on open platforms. In addition, the company announced that the Samsung ARTIK platform would be incorporated into future versions of Samsung digital appliances and that those appliances would also connect to the SmartThings Open Cloud.

About the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC)
SSIC is a global organization within Samsung’s Device Solutions division, with the core missions of open innovation in collaboration with entrepreneurs and strategic partners, investments in disruptive technologies and startups, and new business creation through M&A and partnerships. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Korea, Israel and the U.K., SSIC’s focus areas include cloud infrastructure, digital health, Internet of Things, smart lighting, and smart machines.

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