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SORACOM and Sigfox Partner to Drive European IoT Deployment

25 September 2017 — Today at the Sigfox World IoT Expo in Prague, SORACOM Inc., a leading provider of cloud-native connectivity solutions built specifically for Internet of Things, announced native platform support in Europe for Sigfox’s market-leading LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) connectivity.

SORACOM’s customers will be able to use the SORACOM web console and APIs to operate and manage devices connected with Sigfox. Blended cellular/LPWAN deployments can now apply a single cloud-side architecture to simplify deployment, commissioning and ongoing support of in-field devices. Importantly, Sigfox deployments can now take advantage of the tools available on the SORACOM platform, including device management, data transmission reduction, cloud service integration, data visualization, packet inspection, and more.

“This is a major win for makers of IoT who were so far struggling to choose between cellular and LPWAN or find a combined offering, with a cloud-native integrated approach towards a blended offering”, said Parag Mittal, Chief Commercial Officer, SORACOM (above). “We are now able to create this unique value to our existing and new customers. The partnership and integration of platforms will also enable customers to utilise other SORACOM value added services like Harvest, Funnel, Canal, etc. from a single platform across a range of devices running on different network technologies. Our vision to democratise IoT is taking shape!”

“Adding Sigfox global LPWAN service to SORACOM cellular connectivity provides tremendous value to customers looking for multiple-mode deployments,” said Davide Pacchini, director Global Alliances at Sigfox (left). “This partnership will extend Sigfox’s market leading story of low cost, low energy and ubiquitous service with SORACOM’s cellular connectivity to provide dual-mode capability and grow the market of use cases for developers and customers.”

The addition of Sigfox support expands the SORACOM platform in Europe to encompass a wide range of new IoT use cases. Sigfox offers developers the opportunity to reduce connectivity cost and energy consumption for IoT devices while allowing connection over distances of miles or more. Additionally, Sigfox can be combined with high-bandwidth connectivity options such as cellular or WiFi in a blended deployment to support a broad set of IoT use cases. Sigfox is currently deployed in 32 countries worldwide, with coverage already available in most European markets.

SORACOM will also begin offering a Wisol-based breakout for direct purchase from the SORACOM User Console by end of October. This Arduino-compatible breakout is easy to program using AT commands, compatible with Sigfox in Europe and together with SORACOM Platform services, it helps developers quickly prototype a Sigfox based device.

Interested in trying? Contact SORACOM or get started by registering/pre-orders for Sens’it devices here and for Wisol devices here.

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Source: SORACOM.

Senet Appoints Bruce Chatterley as CEO & President

12 June 2017 – Senet, a provider of public low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) for long range Internet of Things (IoT) applications supporting the LoRaWANä protocol, today announced it has named Bruce Chatterley as CEO & President.

Chatterly brings more than 25 years of experience in business leadership, transformation, strategy and technology as well as a strong track record of rapidly building and scaling worldwide operations and organizational infrastructure in a variety of hyper-growth sectors, including telecommunications, cloud computing, managed hosting and mobility.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Senet team at such an exciting time,” said Chatterley (above). “Senet has that rare combination of dedication to technology innovation, amazingly talented people and momentum in the market.  As we continue to add capabilities for our customers and expand our presence, our mission remains unchanged – to help ensure that IoT realizes its full potential of delivering global economic, environmental and social improvements. The company is truly positioned to become a disruptor in IoT connectivity.”

Chatterley will succeed Senet CEO & President, George Dannecker (left). Dannecker made the personal decision to retire after four years with the company, spearheading the business vision and execution that led to Senet’s focus on first-to-market public Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions for IoT applications.

“It has been extremely fulfilling to have helped Senet achieve a leadership position and deliver LPWAN services that have become a key component of today’s IoT technology wave,” said Dannecker. “We are thrilled to have Bruce as our new CEO. The coming years are going to be extraordinary for the company, and I have no doubt that Senet will contribute significantly to the adoption of mission critical IoT products and solutions.”

In addition to bringing significant marketing, sales and operational experience to Senet, Chatterley will focus on developing strategic partnerships and executing go-to-market strategies in the segments LoRaWAN connectivity is ideally suited for. These efforts will not only help drive Senet to its next stage of growth, but are instrumental to the broader adoption of LoRaWAN technology and the strengthening of the overall IoT ecosystem.

Source: Senet and PR Newswire

Senet Announces Suite of IoT Product Development Services for LoRa

22 June 2016 – Senet, the first North American provider of public Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on the Low Power Wide Area standard LoRaWAN today announced the availability of The Senet IoT Foundry, a suite of services for developers of IoT solutions and services.

The offerings are designed to help developers in startups as well as established companies accelerate the commercialisation of LoRa-based products and solutions. The advent of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity enables a whole new set of innovative business cases for solving customer problems. As an early leader in LPWAN technology, Senet aims to stimulate and accelerate the growth of the LoRa ecosystem by way of these new service offerings.

The Foundry services are available now and are offered at Senet’s Portsmouth, NH headquarters. Due to its depth of expertise, Senet is in a unique position to be able to offer training, development tools, a network sandbox, and technical consulting services that help IoT solution developers create and launch LoRa compliant IoT products and applications in record time. The services can be tailored to address hardware and/or firmware development projects. Customers can choose to follow The Foundry’s four-step development program, or choose the services they need most. The Foundry’s four-step program includes:

  • Introductory LPWAN and LoRaWAN Training Lab – two days
  • Product Ideation and Design Kickoff – one week
  • Full Product Development Consulting – two months
  • Certification Readiness (LoRaWAN and FCC) – one week (each)


“As Senet has been aggressively addressing network coverage and growth, we recognized early on that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to help our partners in the LoRa ecosystem bring their solutions to market quickly,” said George Dannecker, President and CEO of Senet (above). “Startup companies and even large enterprises may not have availability of the full range of skills required to be able to deliver vertically complete IoT solutions to their customers. Senet can help these companies significantly reduce the time and effort to get to market, enabling solution vendors to solve their customers’ problems faster.”

Senet is a contributing member of the LoRa Alliance and has been active on all of the Alliance's committees since its inception. Senet was the first in North America to gain FCC certification on LoRa-based sensors and gateways. The company has compiled a range of high-level designs, best practices, and development tools that can benefit other ecosystem partners. For additional information please visit

Source: Senet