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World IPv6 Day. New Numbering Scheme – New Opportunities

Earlier this year, mobile visionary and CEO of Ericsson, Hans Vestberg, predicted the growth in the number of connected devices to rise from 5 billion to 50 billion by 2020. Much of this connectivity is fuelled by innovative new devices in areas such as e-health and logistics. The new IPv6 scheme is essential to allow this level of expansion and the benefits it will bring.

aql are also the providers of JANET 3G, the 3G mobile data service for research and innovation, available via the UK's academic connectivity provider (JANET (UK)). The mobile data service is uniquely placed to offer support to UK research projects that need mobile internet connectivity.

aql's pledge to ensure scalable support for connected devices is to provide IPv6 mobile connectivity before the end of 2011. aql are already working with leading strategic network operators and ISP's to achieve this. Internet Minister Ed Vaizey states "It's great to see proactivity and collaboration to keep Britain on track to support next generation access and the 'Internet of Things' which will drive the UK technology industry forward."

There's support from other aql partners - Andy Davidson, Director of European Operations (Hurricane Electric) adds "Hurricane Electric are the world's largest IPv6 network backbone, with 1500 connections to other IPv6 networks and are working closely with aql. We believe IPv6 enabled services are essential to facilitate the mobile m2m business models and services of the future, and we look forward to assisting aql shape the new face of mobile internet."

Dr Adam Beaumont, MD of aql, stated, "As the preferred connectivity supplier for the academic community, we're keen to support connected-device projects from inception. aql are also dedicated to innovation and to working with government initiatives such as 6UK. This, coupled with our relationship with JANET UK to provide JANET 3G, who offer an industry-beating m2m tariff, means we can support from prototype to commercial rollout and be able to fulfill any opportunity."

aql's unique relationship with 3G networks allows aql to enable any ISP or network operator to layer their own internet addresses onto aql's rebrandable SIM's. This means that the UK's fixed line ISP's can go mobile, providing innovative solutions to fixed line customers. aql are dedicated to ensuring that as the fixed line ISP industry rolls out IPv6, they can do this in the mobile domain without any problems.

Adrian Kennard, Managing Director of ISP Andrews & Arnold, "We've been providing IPv6 to customers for 9 years and we welcome the chance to extend that to mobile data services this year thereby making all of our services IPv6 and future proof."

About aql
Established in 1998, a UK based, telecommunications operator. Specialists in providing secure, wholesale access to the fixed and mobile networks to government, enterprise and to innovators. aql is responsible for the voice services and numbering on over 42 million numbers, over 20 UK ISP's, 1 million+ SMS messages per day and over 40 UK MVNO (virtual mobile) brands. aql own and operate a national data network and secure datacentres within the UK.
aql(R) is a registered trademark

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