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SORACOM Launches IoT Device Management Service

5 July 2017 – SORACOM, INC., a provider of cloud-native communication platforms for the Internet of Things today announce at the SORACOM Discovery conference that the new service, Soracom Inventory, will be available worldwide beginning July 5, 2017.

The service allows customers to remotely manage both connections and devices through the SORACOM IoT communication platform.

SORACOM Inventory (Inventory) makes it possible to manage the status and setting of individual IoT devices, restart devices, issue commands, arrange data and monitor various metrics remotely and securely.

By using the SORACOM user console and API, it is now possible to improve and automate the setting and operation of remote IoT devices. The exchange between the device and the SORACOM platform uses the Light Weight M2M protocol standardized by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) for device management in IoT/M2M.

Users can access this service by installing a Lightweight M2M agent on their devices. In addition, users who connect using the SORACOM Air cellular service can simplify the agent's initial setup procedure. Since the server function necessary for exchange with Lightweight M2M is maintained on the SORACOM side, customers can start using various settings on their servers.

“We plan to continue developing services and expanding the functions of our platform so that customers can create and release new IoT solutions quickly and easily,” said Kenta Yasukawa, CTO SORACOM (above). “SORACOM is committed to creating a more connected world, and will contribute to the development of the IoT industry through the SORACOM platform.”

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Source: Soracom