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Develco Products Partners with People Power to Provide Homecare Solutions in Response to COVID-19

12 December 2020 – Develco Products A/S, a business-to-business wireless technology company, announces a strategic partnership with People Power, a Silicon-Valley based software and services company. Advanced hardware from Develco Products combined with People Power’s software will help deliver advanced white label homecare services for European and U.S. markets challenged by COVID-19 and chronic diseases.

COVID-19 death rates at long-term care facilities differ widely across European countries, in many cases accounting for more than 50% of all pandemic-related fatalities. Research shows that living in long-term care facilities is a significant risk factor for death from COVID-19. As a result, the number of seniors who want to age safely and comfortably at home has accelerated across Europe.

The aging of Europe, characterized by increasing life expectancies in the coming decades, will create an accelerating burden on the economic, health care and social security of Europe. Hence, the demand for vastly improved remote homecare systems is increasing significantly. (sources:,, Eurostad.)

The combined system offered by the partnership is available for service providers to help seniors live more safely and confidently in their homes. Companies can quickly launch AI-powered homecare services through their own brands. The combined system has undergone extensive testing and is ready for businesses to strategically approach the rapidly expanding telehomecare market.

Develco Products’ advanced hardware solution combined with People Power’s innovative software work together to help seniors remain safe at home 24/7 with a comprehensive safety net of alerts and emergency response procedures. The solution is designed for easy installation in the home or apartment of a senior and can be sold to their adult children worried about the safety of parents living alone or with a spouse or partner. The solution also helps families leaving a senior at home during the workday.

The combined system features a dual-SIM cellular gateway perfect for rural, urban, and underserved seniors challenged with antiquated or unavailable internet connectivity. The system does not require in-home cameras, respecting the privacy of seniors. Homecare offerings can incorporate wireless sensors that alert for occurrences of fire, water leaks, and more.

“The world is calling for a truly revolutionary system that solves a mix of challenges faced by people wanting to age safely and confidently at home,” said Karsten Ries, CEO of Develco Products. “We are confident the combination of People Power’s intelligent services and Develco Products’ world-class gateways and sensors will deliver homecare solutions through service provider brands that consumers will depend upon and love.”

People Power’s unique architecture is centered around AI-powered bots running in the cloud, which can be downloaded onto the gateway for added performance, reliability, and security. With the ability to learn continuously and update patterns of activity in the home, the system has the potential to detect deviations that signal potentially troubling situations such as falls, failure to get out of bed or returning home at expected times, sleep irregularities, and more. In such instances, alerts are triggered to notify family members, caregivers, and the 24/7 emergency call center.

“Intelligent homecare solutions that make a real difference to people depend on great devices that generate high-quality data for reliable and secure HIPAA-compliant services,” said Gene Wang, CEO of People Power (above). “Helping us address the myriad of homecare challenges faced in the COVID-19 era and beyond, we are delighted to partner with Develco Products, respected worldwide for their innovative product design and mature technology as we focus on delivering the next generation of intelligent homecare services.”

For service providers seeking recurring revenues from new businesses, Develco Products and People Power provide white label offerings for rapid go-to-market initiatives. Beginning with intelligent turn-key deployments of service trials to help companies frame and prove market opportunities, brands can quickly test their unique service differentiation with audiences of any size prior to broad commercialization. The center of the hardware solution is Develco Products’ advanced white label gateway, built upon a modular platform for connecting devices and transferring data reliably and securely. It supports a wide range of communication protocols and is able to quickly scale consumer offerings.

The combined solutions that Develco Products and People Power have designed for homecare are now available for evaluation and commercial deployments in the EU through Develco Products’ sales organization and readied for U.S. market opportunities through People Power’s sales organization.

For service providers and professional care agencies seeking more information in the EU and Scandinavian markets, please contact, and for U.S. markets, please contact

Source: Develco Products