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SOTI Invests $20m to Fund New Aerospace Division, SOTI Aerospace

16 November 2020 – SOTI, a well trusted provider of mobility and IoT management solutions, today announced the launch of its new aerospace division, SOTI Aerospace. The division will focus on advanced aerial drone and robotics research. Working with industry-leading researchers, scientists, engineers, and academia from around the world, SOTI will initially invest $20 million (USD) to fund its new aerospace division.

The new division will focus its research on vision systems for indoor environments, including self-learning, situational understanding, automatic location of people and objects, self-navigation, and smart avoidance. Initial applications will be focused on the medical sector and search & rescue operations.

As part of its commitment to innovation, SOTI is also announcing a multi-year collaboration with Ryerson University. This initiative will bring together SOTI’s top talent and Ryerson’s world-class researchers to focus on advancing aerospace research. Ryerson's aerospace expertise will support SOTI's research and development of aerial drone technology. SOTI will support a research chair in this field and provide real-world experience in applied aerospace technology for Ryerson students.

“SOTI Aerospace represents an exciting new era for the company and continues our commitment to invest in Canada’s technology ecosystem and work with the best and brightest minds around the world in aerial technology,” says Carl Rodrigues (above), President and CEO, SOTI. “Ryerson University is an ideal collaborator. Together, we aim to nurture talent and entrepreneurship, and ultimately leverage technology for good. We look forward to working together to develop aerospace innovations that enhance student education while also bringing new technology to market.”

“Ryerson University is pleased to join with SOTI to advance innovative aerospace research and technology in Canada,” comments Mohamed Lachemi, Ryerson University President and Vice-Chancellor. “This collaboration unites leading aerospace researchers and industry experts, to accelerate the development of aerial drone research through dedicated funding. The agreement will also create new opportunities for our students to work on cutting-edge projects through enriched learning experiences, internships and scholarships.”

For over two decades, SOTI has been at the forefront of the mobile revolution. The new aerospace division will lean heavily on SOTI’s management team’s extensive engineering experience, as well as bring together the best and brightest from around the globe to reimagine how technology can be used to transform the world.

Source: SOTI