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On-Ramp Wireless and Meterlinq Deploy IoT Network in Italy

24 June 2015 – On-Ramp Wireless, a leading provider of long-range connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it has partnered with MeterLinq srl, a provider of secure telemetry and remote-management infrastructure for smart metering and smart grid services, to deploy the first wide-area IoT network in Italy. The network, initially built for Italy’s leading natural gas operator Amgas, will provide connectivity for smart metering of natural gas and other industrial applications throughout the region.

OnRamp Wireless Logo 150x39The network integrates On-Ramp Wireless’ RPMA® (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology into the MeterLinq MeterNet® solution to deliver comprehensive connectivity for even the most challenging of environments. Connectivity options such as cellular are ill-equipped to provide cost-effective, reliable coverage and data capacity to utility assets that may be underground, widely distributed or in hard-to-reach locations. The innovative RPMA technology delivers proven, industry-leading wireless coverage and capacity and operates in the globally license-free 2.4 GHz band.

“Together with On-Ramp Wireless, MeterLinq can equip Amgas and other energy providers with reliable, scalable, smart metering for critical utility applications,” said Massimo Cesaro, chief technology officer, MeterLinq (above). “These solutions need to be deployed now, not only because of the immense value they offer to energy providers, but because the Italian government mandated all natural gas meters be transitioned to smart meters by 2020. Realistically, energy providers need to deploy solutions now if they hope to comply with the mandates by the issued deadline.”

The MeterLinq RPMA network will initially be deployed to support gas metering, and will extend to water metering in the next phase. A unique aspect of the RPMA network is that it can be used to serve multiple applications and customers once deployed at little to no additional cost. This will allow the current network to seamlessly support a range of industrial applications in the future.

“This latest deployment of the RPMA network is validation for the reliability and performance of On-Ramp Wireless’ technology, especially in supporting multi-application IoT networks,” said Jason Wilson, senior vice president, business development, On-Ramp Wireless. “We’re proud to further extend our global presence and work with MeterLinq to equip industrial IoT users with the connectivity they require.”

About On-Ramp Wireless
On-Ramp Wireless enables long-range connectivity for the IoT. The company’s revolutionary RPMA® technology offers unmatched range, capacity, battery life and performance, operating in unlicensed spectrum. On-Ramp provides a carrier-grade system suitable for public and large-scale enterprise multi-application networks, with proven global deployments in the most demanding environments. A wide range of partners integrate the patented RPMA technology to deliver solutions for smart grid, industrial automation, smart city and other IoT and M2M applications. For more information on On-Ramp Wireless including specific information on how RPMA can solve your connectivity challenges, please visit:

About MeterLinq srl
Located in Padova, Italy, MeterLinq plans, develops and builds secure telemetry and remote management AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) to provide services and applications for smart metering and smart grid to the energy, gas, water, district heating and CHP (combined heat and power) markets. The company’s reference targets are distributors and retailers of energy services, multi-utilities and public administration. For more information on MeterLinq, visit

Source: OnRamp Wireless