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OORT starts partnerships with CISCO, Intel & Deutsche Telekom

22 July 2015 – OORT, a company which helps manufacturers transform their devices into smart, connected ones, was selected from among hundreds of companies from Europe, Middle East & Africa and won an international acceleration program – Challenge UP! As a reward, OORT enters into business cooperation with CISCO, Intel & Deutsche Telekom.

OORT Logo 150x150The purpose of the Challenge Up! is to support innovative IOT start-ups and help jump start their commercialization efforts. Winners of Challenge Up! are invited to joint projects with the three global corporations and get access to their resources and know-how.

OORT had gained interest of the organizers thanks to the unique end-to-end solution for transforming ordinary consumer electric devices into connected ones, and thus enabling the manufacturers to rapidly prototype and introduce new cutting edge IoT-enabled products.

"Our technology can transform any device into a smart, connected one. Those connected devices create new opportunities for manufacturers – from understanding how the devices are used through data, to opening a new 1-on-1 communication channel with the end-used of a product, which can lead to cross-selling and up-selling opportunities" – according to Radek Tadajewski, OORT CEO (above). "We believe that the jury of Challenge Up! truly appreciated our vision for quick adoption of IoT on the global scale. There are a lot of synergies between OORT and the organizers of Challenge Up!” he added.

The cooperation between OORT and Cisco, Intel & Deutsche Telekom started immediately after the winners were announced.

In not too distant future, customers should see new intelligent devices with OORT & Intel Inside labeling, which communicate through a Cisco cloud and are sold by Deutsche Telekom – said Tadajewski.

About OORT:
OORT is a global Internet of Things company whose unique technology enables users to control devices in their living or working environment with a single mobile app. OORT works on the consumer market providing innovative smart home systems as well as institutional: letting manufacturers change their existing products into smart ones and providing dedicated IoT solutions.

OORT has won many global awards, including Bluetooth Breakthrough Award, IoT Trailblazer Award, and Envisioneering Innovation & Design Award.

Source: OORT