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BulbThings Launches Next-Generation IOT Asset Management Solution

12 June 2015 – Bulb Software Ltd, an innovative UK registered software company today announced the launch of  BulbThings, a smart asset management solution that allows companies to manage from a single platform assets ranging from handheld devices and vehicles to diverse equipment used by their customers.

BulbThings includes the following smart features:

  • Single tool to manage a broad range of assets. BulbThings allows customers to understand not only the overall cost of asset usage but also the cost attributed to an individual staff member using a specific asset. This encourages more economical use of assets.
  • Simultaneous tracking and management of assets. Customers can follow orders, contracts, events, and departures/ returns of all assets. Additionally, BulbThings provides device-tracking real-time location and usage data.
  • Smart Data. BulbThings nalyses data from multiple sources (including connected assets, suppliers’ invoices and asset users) and provides managers with the insight needed to optimise asset usage and cut costs.
  • Collaboration. BulbThings is based on the latest web technologies. It can provide real-time notifications and alerts to asset managers, asset users and asset suppliers, enabling each stakeholder to optimise efficiency and minimise cost and stakeholder groups to collaborate in order to optimise efficiency.


BulbThings Logo“BulbThings enables the most efficient management of enterprises assets,” commented Leslie Depond, Bulb Software Chief Customer Officer (above). “We know from talking to our customers that the BulbThings approach of allowing management of all assets in one place makes it much easier to control everything while keeping down costs. Whether your business is big or small, BulbThings will connect your assets via a single, cloud-based solution. And as more things get connected in the enterprise, BulbThings will allow you to track and manage them all.”

BulbThings contains a fully integrated lifecycle management and connected asset management solution. Pricing starts from as little as $2 per asset.

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About Bulb Software
Bulb Software Ltd., headquartered in London, UK, consists of a team of technology and business professionals with extensive digital and asset management industry experience. The company was started when founder Yann Depond realised that there was a growing need for companies to simplify asset management with a versatile solution that managed any type of asset. Using the latest web and emerging IoT technologies, Bulb Software created a new generation of solutions that maximise both efficiency and cost savings.

Contact Information

Twitter: @BulbThings

Tel: +44 (0)800 020 9656

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