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SIGFOX Demonstrating How U.S. Public Agencies Can Extend Internet of Things Benefits to ‘Save Lives’

As Member of SmartAmerica Challenge Team, Company Supporting Maryland Residents with Automated Alert System that Doesn’t Require Broadband.
SIGFOX, a pioneer in cost-effective, energy-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, announced today that it is participating in a Montgomery County, M.D., project to install automated safety-alert networks to protect vulnerable residents.
The Safe Community Alert Network (SCALE) is part of the SmartAmerica Challenge, sponsored by the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows and the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST). The challenge is designed to demonstrate how the IoT and smart technologies can benefit large segments of the population.
“The point of SmartAmerica is not technology for technology’s sake, but how it touches the lives and the beneficiaries,” said Geoff Mulligan, a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow.
“In a lot of cases, we talked about creating jobs, but what was really important also is about how it might save lives. SCALE talks specifically about saving lives.”
Working with the Montgomery Housing Partnership, an affordable housing developer in Montgomery County, SCALE deployed a variety of connected sensors in residents’ apartments that will detect different environmental distress factors. These include smoke, heat, light, carbon monoxide, humidity, power, acoustics, and even if a resident falls. Using SIGFOX’s network, these sensors are connected with FiberNet, the Montgomery County broadband network, without relying on private broadband services, to alert emergency response services in the case a resident is in danger.*
“This is a good example of how SIGFOX’s technology can help bring the benefits of the Internet of Things to a wide range of people, even those who don’t have broadband services,” said Luke D’Arcy, SIGFOX director of U.S. operations.
“Too many fatal fires are caused by faulty smoke detectors. The SIGFOX network allows the fire department to cost effectively monitor the performance of these devices ensuring that residents are protected.”
Besides SIGFOX and Montgomery Housing Partnership, participants in the SCALE project are the University of California-Irvine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IBM, Twilio, Schneider Electric, Montgomery County, M.D., and the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.
Participating in SCALE marks another big step in SIGFOX’s rapid globalization, as network operators and other companies in major markets recognize the system’s cost-effective and energy-saving advantages to rapidly rolling out IoT networks.
In June the company passed its second anniversary as an Internet of Things network provider. In only two years it has:
• Expanded its global network to cover more than 1 million square kilometers
• Connected more than 200,000 devices, and booked another 5 million that are scheduled for connection
• Extended its network throughout France
• Partnered with companies to establish nationwide networks in the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K., as well as enable specific projects in Moscow, Munich, Milan and other cities
• Announced plans to install its IoT network in the San Francisco Bay Area
• Received venture backing totaling more than $36.6 million, including $20.4 million in March 2014
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Novatel Wireless Selected by Premier Wireless Solutions to Power Advanced Aftermarket Telemetry Solutions

Novatel Wireless Inc. today announced it has begun commercial shipments of the SA 2100, an advanced MiFi® Powered™ M2M device, to Premier Wireless Solutions (PWS).
Novatel Wireless’ SA 2100, approved on both Verizon Wireless and AT&T networks, enhances PWS’ broad portfolio of global telemetry and remote tracking solutions.
Key Highlights:

The SA 2100 by Novatel Wireless is an advanced MiFi Powered M2M device that incorporates the industry leading MiFi technology platform with customizations for multiple vertical markets and multiple connected life use-cases. It is a full-featured telemetry solution designed to optimize mobile resources for a variety of fixed and mobile applications.
The compact SA 2100 is designed with multiple mounting options and connectivity interfaces for M2M applications including Fixed Telemetry (such as digital signage, kiosks, vending machines), Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Connected Car, right out of the box. Internal antennas minimize installation time and cost, while auto-switching between internal and external antennas provides options to ensure the best performance in any situation.
When enabled with Novatel Wireless’ on board programmable rules and event engine to customize applications, a highly sensitive GPS tracking engine, a 3-axis accelerometer and configurable GPIOs, the SA 2100 can drive the most demanding global applications for fleet management and asset tracking.
PWS combines leading wireless products from embedded modules to fully integrated products with recognized integration expertise and services to ease the complexities of embedded wireless integration.

Slim Souissi, president and COO, Novatel Wireless, said:
“PWS is one of the industry’s trusted leaders in innovative solutions for telemetry applications. We are delighted to work with the PWS team to integrate the SA 2100 into its robust portfolio of proven solutions.”
Vince Giacomini, CEO, Premier Wireless Solutions, said:
“We are pleased to add Novatel Wireless’ intelligent M2M integrated solutions to our portfolio.”
“Combining Novatel Wireless’ innovative capabilities with our expertise will provide our combined customers with an unrivaled solution that meets and exceeds their fleet management needs.”
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Beer tank equipped with M2M technology from Swisscom takes care of refill orders itself

The Feldschlösschen Beverages Group recently introduced an end-to-end M2M solution from the Swisscom M2M Centre of Competence that enables its Swiss customers to maintain their beer tanks more efficiently and to submit exact and timely orders for new deliveries.
The tanks themselves instantly trigger new orders when levels get low.
Technological developments not only influence the ways in which people communicate with each other, but also allow machinery and everyday objects to monitor things and exchange information with each other. Behind these developments lies Machine-to-Machine technology (M2M), which ensures improved efficiency, sustainability and security. This is the case at the Feldschlösschen Beverages Group, which supplies catering establishments and hotels with a selection of different beer brands.
Efficient ordering process and monitoring of beer tanks
Feldschlösschen is employing M2M technology at over 300 of its biggest clients in Switzerland. Sensors measure the filling level, temperature and pressure at the customer’s premises. The data are regularly synchronised with “myBeer”, an application developed specially for Feldschlösschen, using M2M technology. Simply by glancing at their tablet or smartphone, restaurateurs can see how their system is performing and react immediately should there be a temperature increase or fall in pressure. The current filling level can also be viewed in real time. Owners previously needed to check their beer tanks daily, which was not only time-consuming and required specialist know-how, but also meant that the filling level could not be precisely determined, which led to imprecise ordering. The M2M solution from Swisscom means that the tanks themselves can recognise when the beer is running low and instantly trigger a new order.
Satisfied customers and fewer transport kilometres
The M2M solution not only makes everyday life simpler for catering businesses and hotels, but also helps boost efficiency and reduce costs at Feldschlösschen. M2M prevents incorrect order entries and allows the company to optimise its delivery runs. As a result, the brewery will save thousands of transport kilometres each year, while simultaneously reducing its CO2 emissions.
Manfred Weiss, Services Director at the Feldschlösschen Beverages Group:
“Thanks to the M2M solution from Swisscom, we can also fulfil one of our customers’ greatest wishes – and hopefully we’ll soon be able to do so throughout Europe.”
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Telit and IOTAS achieve first M2M product certification through the Global Certification Forum’s new class of Associate Manufacturer membership

New GCF approval process reduces time-to-market and overall costs for M2M device manufacturers to prove interoperability and reliability on live networks worldwide.
Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services, and IOTAS, the UK’s leading independent wireless field testing company, today announced that following the introduction of a new class of membership for device makers integrating embedded wireless modules, the Global Certification Forum (GCF) has certified the first product to successfully achieve the new certification.
The product receiving this certification was based on Telit’s GE864-QUAD V2 module. The new process allows a reduced scope of device testing for M2M device makers when using a wireless module already tested to the latest GCF specifications. The move leads to substantial savings, bringing M2M in reach of more business models which are today on the brink of viability for costs or time-to-market constraints.
“We complete GCF approval on our whole product range as a sign of our commitment to reliability, and to give our customers a better experience as they get their devices through the different stages of deployments in the telemetry and M2M market” said Carlos Perez, Executive Vice President Global Sales at Telit Wireless Solutions.
“We welcomed this new certification class that allows our customers to achieve GCF certification in a reduced timescale and cost, leveraging the experience of a leading test organization such as IOTAS.”
Associate Manufacturer Members are required to work with an Assessment Capable Entity (ACE), such as IOTAS, to identify the conformance, field trial and interoperability testing that need to be undertaken.
“As an ACE, IOTAS is formally recognized by the GCF as possessing the necessary skills, qualifications and practical experience of GCF processes to support members through GCF certification” said Kevin Spalding, Operations Director for IOTAS, “and we are proud to have successfully completed this milestone with the support of Telit’s field engineering team”.
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Docomo And Vodafone Expand Their Partner Agreement To Include Machine-To-Machine

NTT DOCOMO, Inc. and Vodafone Group Plc announced today an expansion of their existing partner market agreement to address the delivery of M2M services to the global enterprise sector.
The two companies have been working together for a number of years and this development will allow both parties to benefit from the opportunity offered by the Internet of Things and M2M services across a variety of vertical sectors.
“M2M is an important part of our overall strategy and its significance is growing by the day,” said Kaoru Kato, President and CEO of NTT DOCOMO.
“We are proud to announce that we are expanding our strong existing partnership with Vodafone to include M2M.”
Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Group, Vittorio Colao, commented:
“We look forward to extending our unique partnership with NTT DOCOMO. It will help both organisations develop their enterprise business, as we enable our customers to apply M2M throughout the world in new and innovative ways.”
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Tele2 to Provide Vattenfall Group with Connectivity Solutions Across Europe

Tele2 AB today announced that Tele2 M2M Global Solutions will provide connectivity solutions to the Vattenfall Group, all its subsidiaries and ultimately their customers’ applications across Europe.
Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Their main products are electricity, heat and gas.
The contract with Tele2 enables the Vattenfall Group to centralize all its M2M/IoT connectivity solutions through one Mobile Network Operator for the entire European market. Thereby achieving cost optimizations, scalability as well as increased simplicity of deployment.
Rami Avidan, Head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions, comments:
“The Vattenfall Group is one of the larger European players within the field of energy and utilities. We are extremely delighted that the Vattenfall Group has chosen Tele2 as the supplier for their connectivity across Europe.”
“This contract is another proof point that Tele2’s global M2M offering is highly competitive and attractive on the market.”
Tele2 M2M Global Solutions will provide the Vattenfall Group with seamless connectivity and connectivity management solutions across Europe, to support existing operations within energy and utilities as well as future expansion.
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Wind River Selects Axeda to Power Expanded Capabilities for Internet of Things Solutions

++Partnership extends Wind River product portfolio to include application and data services in the cloud.
++Internet of Things enablement capabilities from Axeda added to Wind River operating systems and Internet of Things software platform.
++Solution will integrate seamlessly with Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things.
Wind River®, a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, today announced it has selected Axeda Corporation to power expanded capabilities for its product portfolio, including its Internet of Things (IoT) software platform. Axeda is the leading provider of cloud-based services and software for connecting, building and managing IoT solutions.
Under the terms of the OEM agreement, the Axeda Machine Cloud®, an IoT platform, will integrate with Wind River operating systems, VxWorks® and Wind River Linux, as well as Wind River Intelligent Device Platform, a complete software development environment to secure, manage, and connect intelligent gateways. Wind River Intelligent Device Platform is an integral part of Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things, a family of platforms that offers companies a key building block to enable the connectivity of legacy devices and other systems to the IoT via gateway.
Through these product integrations, Wind River will enable its customers to connect their devices to the cloud. New Wind River capabilities offered through this agreement will allow customers to easily aggregate data off the edge to offer business intelligence that can be used to protect investments, generate new revenue streams, maximize existing infrastructure, and improve business processes.
“Wind River’s collaboration with Axeda builds on our IoT strategy, which focuses on providing the intelligence that powers interconnected systems, and supplying the software foundation that enables IoT networks and connected devices to perform reliably, safely, and efficiently,” said Barry Mainz, president of Wind River.
“Customers will be able to seamlessly connect, manage, and securely use connected data for actionable information and valued services. We are very pleased to advance IoT with the unique collection of assets that we bring to the table with Axeda and our parent company, Intel.”
Todd DeSisto, Axeda president and CEO, said:
“The partnership with Wind River will accelerate the delivery of new IoT solutions to the global market. By working closely with Wind River and Intel, we will be able to address market demands from enterprise customers for more complete IoT solutions with ever-increasing capabilities and greater performance.”
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Global IoT Trade Group Gains 2,000 Members, Sees Educating Business Users as Key to Growth

The International M2M Council (IMC) a new trade group formed to propagate the adoption of the Internet of Things, has gained over 2,000 new members since February, making it the fastest-growing trade organisation serving the sector.
The key to driving IoT growth is to educate enterprises about the tangible business benefits of connecting devices electronically with machine-to-machine communications technology, according to the IMC.
IMC executive director Keith Kreisher, says:
“We provide business content to those looking to deploy IoT solutions in the form of a library of case studies, white papers, blogs, and periodicals, all geared to provide business metrics like ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, and time-to-market.”
“The response has been tremendous – clearly there’s a hunger for information. We’re gaining 50 new associate members weekly.”
IMC associates – called Adopter Members – provide crucial demographic data that yields a map of who is participating in IoT deployments, what products they buy, and what industry they come from. The group’s Adopter Members come from five continents, and from enterprises as far afield as ABB, BMW, Coca-Cola, DHL, GE, Saudi Aramco, Siemens Healthcare, Tata Group, the US Department of Defense, and Wal-Mart.
Initial recruitment efforts have concentrated on IoT vertical markets of energy, healthcare, and logistics – with content published for each market – but the IMC will soon expand into smart cities, retail, and building & construction.
“Plans call for us to conduct quantitative research among our Adopter Members, and use that to create a business curriculum for the IoT, complete with best practices and a certification programme,” says Kreisher.
Funding for the IMC is provided by its Sustaining Members – some of the most influential solutions providers in IoT, offering connectivity services, embedded hardware, communications software, and systems integration globally. Kreisher points out that the IMC’s Sustaining Members gain exclusive, direct access to its communities of Adopters, establish important channel relationships through the organisation, and are already considered thought leaders in the IoT sector.
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Telit’s xE910 family supports Digi’s new compact cellular router on HSPA, EVDO and LTE networks

Secure VPN, advanced routing and automatic failover ensure reliable connections to payment terminals, kiosks, digital signs, and ATMs.
Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services and Digi International have announced that Telit’s xE910 module family is employed in the latest addition to Digi’s TransPort® family of cellular routers. The HE910 provides support for HSPA+ networks, the DE910 supports EV-DO networks and the LE910 supports LTE networks.
The Digi Transport WR11 gives network management professionals a secure, reliable, and low cost cellular connection for retail, point-of-sale and gaming applications. By focusing on the critical features for payment card and other secure transactions, the router makes it possible for network operators to expand their business by taking advantage of the increasing ubiquity and security of global cellular networks.
There is a growing trend to use wireless technology to seize new opportunities across all parts of the payment value chain. Merchants want to offer new points of presence. Retailers want reliable back up systems. Banks want to reach under-banked populations in emerging markets. Public Gaming companies want secure, reliable and ubiquitous lottery and other gaming terminals. And, ATM operators want to offer value-added service beyond cash disbursement (e.g. pay bills).
“We chose the xE910 because it has a small compact footprint and it supports a wide variety of network technologies on multiple carriers globally”, said Curt Ahart, Vice President, Cellular Products, Digi International.
“The xE910 helps us reduce our engineering expense and shorten our time to market. Telit also provides us excellent support—helping us innovate quickly and efficiently.”
Mike Ueland, President of Telit Americas, said:
“The Telit xE910 family provides robust support for LTE, HSPA and EVDO networks. By employing a continuous connection with the cellular network Digi has removed the reliance on wired or customer-hosted WLAN connections.”
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Vodafone to Buy Cobra Automotive

Deal Expand’s Telecom Group’s Connected Car Offering.
Vodafone Group PLC said Monday it has agreed to buy Cobra Automotive Technologies SpA, an Italian provider of electronics services to the car industry, for €145 million ($197.5 million) as part of its strategy to connect more everyday objects.
The British mobile telecommunications giant, similar to its peers, is eager to develop its business in the so-called “machine-to-machine” (M2M) industry—also known as the “internet of things” —as a growing source of sales.
U.S. networking equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems estimates 50 billion devices, across sectors including health care, automotive, transportation and energy, will be connected to the Internet by 2050.
The growth represents a potentially lucrative sales opportunity for the mobile telecommunications industry, analysts say, with new connected wireless devices set to surpass the number of mobile handsets in the coming decade, according to consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Vodafone employs 250 staff at its M2M operations, which reported a 21% rise in revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31. Focused on automotive, smart metering and consumer electronic products, the company said it has increased M2M connections to 16.2 million from 12 million in the period and that it expects connections to growth at an average of 24% a year between 2013 and 2018.
Vodafone said that buying Cobra would enable it to provide a more comprehensive range of services to automotive customers. The company said it already has a “considerable presence” in automotive services, without disclosing more information.
Erik Brenneis, director of machine-to-machine at Vodafone, said:
“The combination of Vodafone and Cobra will create a new global provider of connected car services.”
Mr. Brenneis wasn’t immediately available for further comment.
Cobra is listed on the Milan stock exchange and has operations in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and the U.K., Vodafone said. Cobra provides vehicle manufacturers, dealerships and aftermarket customers with a range of products and services, including telematics, usage-based insurance, and vehicle tracking.
Vodafone said it would launch a voluntary tender offer of €1.49 a share for Cobra in the coming weeks. Cobra had a reported net debt of €48 million as at 31 March 2014. The offer is conditional on, among other things, obtaining appropriate antitrust approvals and is expected to complete in the third quarter of 2014.

Source: Wall Street Journal
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