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WeMaintain Signs Four Year Contract with KeolisAmey Docklands

23 March, 2021 –  WeMaintain, a fast growing PropTech company based in Paris and London, has signed a four-year contract with KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD) for the provision of lift and escalator maintenance solutions to all London Docklands Light Railway (DLR) stations. 

The agreement will see WeMaintain provide maintenance services covering 86 lifts and 30 escalators across the DLR network. Additionally, WeMaintain’s proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) solution will be installed on all lifts and escalators, providing live data to KAD that will give better insights into the operational state of critical equipment and open-up new possibilities for improved understanding of asset utilisation. 

Since its launch three years ago, WeMaintain has been transforming the regulated lift and escalator maintenance market. It gives asset owners and operators an end-to-end solution for carrying out critical maintenance operations and provides high-quality data through proprietary technological solutions that improves knowledge of assets. WeMaintain’s business model has been praised by customers in Paris and London as it provides real-time data and information on buildings and other assets they previously could not access. 

WeMaintain’s model differs from other maintenance providers by giving engineers and those on the ground autonomy and sophisticated technology to facilitate creating the best possible customer experience. Notably, engineers are incentivised to deliver on agreed customer KPIs, with performance bonuses paid monthly. This differentiates WeMaintain from its competitors and helps to ensure consistent high-performance. This ‘pay-for-performance’ model gives customers peace of mind and ensures engagement throughout the life of the contract term.

Commenting on the agreement, Tom Harmsworth, UK Managing Director of WeMaintain (above), claims that the KeolisAmey Docklands contract win will see exciting innovation for the DLR that will ultimately lead to increased lift and escalator reliability.

“We’re very pleased to be working with KAD and we look forward to delivering the highest standards of elevator and lift maintenance to the DLR network. Our operations team has deep experience of the rail environment and we look forward to bringing a new approach to this part of the industry. 

“This agreement will see WeMaintain bring real innovation to the DLR through the implementation of our IoT technology. 

“Once our IoT sensors are installed on all of the DLR’s 86 lifts and 30 escalators, we will be able to provide KAD with early warnings of possible equipment failure, allowing us to react and resolve an issue with speed and efficiency that wasn’t previously possible. We and KAD anticipate that once the effectiveness of our solution has been confirmed through live operations, our IoT technology will facilitate a shift to predictive maintenance. 

“Rail networks are uniquely challenging environments in which to work and WeMaintain has both the staff and the technology to offer operators unmatched maintenance solutions that will result in greater levels of customer satisfaction. Some of our team members have decades of experience working in the rail sector and it’s an area in which we see great growth potential for our business.” 

 Kieran Wright, Lifts and Escalators Maintenance Manager at KAD said: 

"KeolisAmey Docklands look forward to working with WeMaintain UK over the next four years, as they  maintain our lift and escalator fleet. WeMaintain have come across as being professional, dedicated and enthusiastic and wanting to change the way lifts and escalators are maintained away from the norm. I look forward to the step change that we can collaboratively achieve." 

Source: WeMaintain