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Allure Energy Transforms Home Energy Management

16 July 2010 - Allure Energy, Inc. today announced smart energy technology that is designed to simplify and enhance home energy management, while increasing energy savings by up to 30%. Using its patent-pending Proximity Control(TM) Technology, Allure Energy has created the first truly automated home energy management system.

"Our solution will revolutionize home energy management by providing a true proximity-based control system. We are doing for home energy management what TiVo did for the VCR," says Kevin Imes, President and CEO of Allure Energy. "Homeowners no longer have to program thermostats, or learn how to use complex home automation systems to manage their energy use."

Using Allure Mobile(TM), a smart phone application that works on the BlackBerry(TM), iPhone(TM), and future Android(TM) platforms, Allure Mobile manages energy use based on how far, or near, each user may be from their home. The result is homeowner energy savings of up to 30%.
"Our concept is simple," says Kevin Imes, "as homeowners leave their residence, we alter the settings of their thermostat and future smart appliances based on how far away they are from their home. As they return home, we automatically create the environment they want."

Allure Energy uses wireless, smart grid certified technologies to create private, residential smart energy networks. Using Allure Energy's Proximity Control(TM) solutions, energy use can be fully automated for consumers. The Allure Home Energy Management System(TM) is available through environmentally friendly builders seeking cost-effective, energy-reducing solutions.

About Allure Engergy
Allure Energy, Inc. is a smart energy company based in Austin, Texas. Allure Energy develops leading-edge smart grid solutions with proximity control. As consumers and energy providers search for ways to reduce energy consumption without increasing costs, a balance must be maintained between security, lifestyle, comfort, and convenience. Allure Energy is that solution.

Source: PRNewswire