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GSMA’s 8th Mobile IoT Summit

By Abraham Joseph -

This year, like last, I kicked off MWC with a visit to the GSMA’s Mobile IoT Summit, now in its 8th iteration. This event has turned out to be one of the best places at the go to catch up with the great and the good of IoT and at the same time keep abreast of developments in carrier 5G strategies.

This year, I managed to miss the keynotes but caught most of the panel Mobile IoT Business Opportunity and Maximising Value.

Panel members from left to right:

  • Amaia White, Senior Project Manager (Moderator)
  • Owen Moore, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, BeWhere
  • Marie Hogan, Head of Broadband and IoT Business Area Networks, Ericsson
  • Ankur Bhan, Global Head of Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING), Nokia
  • Dr. Felix Wunderer, VP IoT – Products & Service, T-Systems

In short, the panel saw lots of opportunities across many verticals in every region. But there are challenges too, including business cases, skill sets and device prices.

In the run up to this year’s MWC, the GSMA published a new study valuing the mobile economy at $3.9 trillion and  forecasting a tripling of the number of global IoT connections to 25 billion and a quadrupling of global IoT revenues to $1.1 trillion by 2025.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • The number of 5G connections will reach 1.4 billion by 2025 – 15 per cent of the global total1. By this point, 5G is forecast to account for around 30 per cent of connections in markets such as China and Europe, and around half of the total in the US;

  • An additional 1.4 billion people will start using the mobile internet over the next seven years, bringing the total number of mobile internet subscribers globally to 5 billion by 2025 (more than 60 per cent of the world’s population).

Exhibitors at the event included Huawei, AT&T, Sierra Wireless, Gemalto, BeWhere and Quectel. I spent some time with Huawei, who had the following insightful chart highlighting the opportunity spaces they see for the various cellular IoT technologies.

Huawei Cellular IoT Technology Segmentation Chart