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City of Gijon, Spain Selects PLAT.ONE Smart City Solution

12th April 2016 – PLAT.ONE, a leading enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) solution platform announces the selection of the CITY.ONE platform for the delivery of Smart City capabilities for the city of Gijon, Spain. Working with partner T-Systems Iberia, PLAT.ONE is delivering Smart City capabilities for a number of cities in Europe, with Gijon the first to be announced.

CITY.ONE provides capabilities that include smart lighting, smart parking, smart waste management, smart transportation and smart security. CITY.ONE is designed to save money through optimization of resources, improved city efficiency and improved quality of life for citizens. CITY.ONE is built on the PLAT.ONE adaptive IoT platform.

Dr. John Bates, CEO of PLAT.ONE (above) said, “The goals of CITY.ONE are saving tax payer money in running a city and making the city a better place to live for the residents. We believe optimizing the way a city runs and reducing carbon emissions go hand-in-hand with these goals.” Bates continued "PLAT.ONE is proud to be selected by the city of Gijon for their Smart City initiative and to be partnering with T-Systems on this project.”

José Muñoz, Sales Manager Public Sector T-Systems Iberia said, "We’re delighted to work alongside PLAT.ONE in delivering Smart City capabilities for Gijon. This project will create a city nervous system that enables truly intelligent management of resources and services for citizens."

Source: PLAT.ONE