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SkyLab B.V. to use Semtech’s LoRa Edge™ for Indoor and Outdoor Asset Management

8 June 2021 Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a supplier of high performance analogue and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, has announced that Europe based SkyLab B.V. (SkyLab), will utilize Semtech’s LoRa Edge asset management platform (LR1110) to develop its small form-factor prototyping board.  

The SkyLab prototyping board, ideal for indoor and outdoor asset management of valuables, vehicles, vessels, containers, and more, will benefit from the low power nature of the LoRa Edge platform by extending its battery life and making the solution cost-effective for large-scale deployments.

"Semtech’s LoRa Edge provides a perfect basis for a high-performance prototyping board,” said Remy Sr de Jong, technical director, SkyLab B.V. “We believe that with the technological advancements of both SkyLab and Semtech combined, a wide range of new possibilities in the world of LoRa® will open up to enterprises, which can lead to faster integration in a variety of applications."

The Skylab prototyping solution uses Semtech’s LoRa Cloud Geolocation service’s capabilities to reduce power consumption by determining an asset’s location in a Cloud-based solver for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The prototyping board is equipped with notable features including:

  • A BME280 sensor, which offers an accurate long-lasting solution for temperature, humidity and barometric readings
  • The LSM303AGR module, an ultra-low-power high-performance system-in-package featuring a 3D digital linear acceleration sensor and a 3D digital magnetic sensor
  • An MCP73831 charging controller with solar power capabilities perfect for projects without access to power on the device
  • WeMos compatible pins which makes it possible to connect several external boards and sensors with WeMos compatibility
  • A programmable RGB LED and a micro USB port for charging and programming the ATSAMD21G18 microcontroller for extra ease of use

“While asset tracking may sound simple, the management process can be quite costly and tedious for a business. Those seeking cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) solutions should look to Semtech’s LoRa Edge platform. Driving smart geolocation, LoRa Edge operating on the LoRaWAN standard, helps customers develop and deploy affordable asset management,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president, IoT product marketing and strategy in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group (above). “Our collaboration with SkyLab highlights Semtech’s commitment toward developing solutions that keep the customer’s return of investment (ROI) at top of mind ensuring usability and scalability for future applications.”

For more information on the SkyLab prototyping board with LoRa Edge integration, please visit SkyLab’s website.

Source: SkyLab