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RACO Wireless Hires John Horn as President

“John Horn is an outspoken evangelist and visionary for the M2M industry and brings a decade of experience to RACO Wireless,” said Rob Adams, CEO of RACO Wireless. “With his experience and our expertise and technology platform, we will continue to expand on T-Mobile’s goal of being the easiest to do business with in the M2M space.”

Through the Omega Management Suite™ (OMS), RACO Wireless delivers unprecedented visibility into its network in addition to essential tools designed to simplify SIM management. OMS is a robust information tool which provides advanced reporting and alerting features including: real time SIM monitoring & reports, overage reports & alerts, SIM activation & maintenance, SIM management, web based billing, and APN system hardware status monitors. RACO Wireless provides a variety of connectivity options and customizable data rate plans that can meet the needs of any unique M2M application.

About RACO Wireless
RACO Wireless, a subsidiary of RACO Industries in Cincinnati, OH and a T-Mobile partner for ten years, is a leading provider of wireless data solutions to the machine-to-machine industry specializing in delivering wireless data your way, with a data solution portfolio based on innovation, flexibility, and reliability.

Source: Business Wire

Photo: Courtesy of M2M World Congress