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Event: Vibrant Digital Future

January 31, 2018


Business Design Centre

Event Information

The conference for business leaders, innovators and governments developing a brighter digital future in our rapidly changing world.

 AI, the Internet of Things, Cyber Security, TV White Space… the ever-increasing pace of technological advancement across these fields and many more will transform societies and industries over the coming years.

Nothing will escape the attention of progress. From education to healthcare, from businesses to governments – all will all see drastic changes.

If you’re a business leader defining your vision and strategy, an innovator driving tech forwards, or work in government planning a successful future for the society and economy, it’s vital to be on the cutting edge.

We’ll cut through the noise, debate strong opinions and make sure you get the deep insights you really need. You’ll also experience the latest tech in the exhibition area and build an invaluable network of the highest tier.

Start preparing for your vibrant digital future now.

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